Living for this LV: A Lived In Review

Monday, March 30, 2020
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Disclaimer: I'm back! After a long hiatus, I decided to slowly return to posting on this site. I've been gone for quite a long time and although I will not be posting regularly, I wanted to continue this fun personal project of mine. 

I wanted to write about this bag right when I purchased it - however, I knew that I needed to really "live" with it, in order to review it properly. I've had this bag for a few years now and have used it often. The bag is still heavily in demand so supply is limited.  Read my review after the jump!

I wanted a cross body bag that was still big enough to fit my essentials. I also wanted a bag that was still elegant enough to wear in multiple settings (nothing too sporty). Moreover, I wanted something more durable than my Chanel flap bags because the leather is so fragile.

I usually detest cross body bags.  I very rarely wear them across my chest. Usually I drape the bag over my shoulder and let it hang and annoyingly bump into my thigh with every step. There is just something about placing a line of leather down the middle of my chest that I find unappealing (ew and ouch). For some reason this bag is different...

I am not opposed to wearing the bag cross body to improve efficiency – mainly while shopping ;) Of course, efficiency while shopping is a top priority! My preferred, and most often worn, look is slinging the long strap over your shoulder and wearing it long and hip grazing.
Favorite Elements

-       Three sections: This is perfect for keeping everything organized. I too often fall victim to the bottomless pit of a one section bag. I end up throwing everything into one place and then freaking out because I think I lost my phone. Ugh.  Let it be known that this bag can fit my mini iPad easily!

-       Back Zip Pocket: The perfect size for your phone. It is easy to reach in and grab, as well as zip safely while walking in crowded places. 

-       Adjustable Strap: The strap is very reliable with the holes being reinforced with gold hardware. As a shorter person I've found the strap to be perfect length. There are multiple holes ranging in length so I think this would work for various heights.

-       Top handle: I love this feature. I thought I wouldn't use it as much as I do, but it is great having a strap to quickly grab the bag closer. For example, it allows me to easily remove my bag from around my body when getting into the car. I also love holding the bag by the top handle and having the long monogram strap hang below. Additionally, you can completely remove the strap and carry the bag as more of a formal bag or clutch. 

While this bag is an investment, it is a great piece to have if you are int he market for a bag that is perfect for everyday use! 

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