PSA: Store Credit No' Mo'

Monday, February 20, 2017

This is a public service announcement - unsponsored (obviously).

Forever21 has changed their return policy. You now get a full REFUND!

For the longest time, I would binge purchase clothes off the website. The flashing lights, cheap prices, and trendy pieces would always get me. Inevitably after the high wore off I was stuck with a box of hideous items, three sizes too small, all of varying quality.

Now I'm not going to lie, there have been a few keepers...but most of the time I'm just too indifferent to go and make a return, knowing full well I'd only get store credit. After receiving said store credit, the entire cycle would start all over agin.

(true story: while in college I rotated through the same store credit my entire sophomore year - you should all be impressed)


After being seduced into purchasing a pair of boyfriend jeans that I completely did not need I approached the counter to make my purchase. Nothing like waiting in line behind a gaggle of middle school girls, knowing that you are DEFINITELY old enough to be their teacher (because you are) to make you rethink your purchase... however, it didn't stop me and the boyfriend jeans prevailed.

The girls behind the counter at F21 always ask you the SAME. EXACT. QUESTION.

"Are you familiar with our return policy?"

And I always respond defeated, "yeah, it's store credit only".

This time though the girl squeaked "NOPE! It's actually full refund as long as you have your receipt and the tags are attached"

I was in shock.

I was so happy because remember when I mentioned being seduced by "a" pair of boyfriend jeans? Yeah...try making that about five pairs. Oops.

Who cares though?! If I hate 'em, I'll return 'em.

I know I'm not the only one that has been sucked down the Forever21 rabbit hole...share in the comments below! #judgefreezone

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Monday, February 13, 2017

This week is "Random Acts of Kindness Week". Nothing makes me feel better than doing a random act of kindness for someone. Throughout the year, I like to do these acts anonymously so that I get absolutely nothing in return. Getting "even" takes away the magic and thoughtfulness of the act. I don't share the things I do with anyone, not even my family; so if they are reading this, which I know they are (hi mom!), they will be surprised.

While it doesn't take a national holiday for me to complete random acts of kindness - the holiday helps bring attention within schools across the nation. My classroom is participating in the building-wide kindness initiative. We will also be completing some additional activities that are more specific to our room's student population - ELLs.

In an effort to kick off this week...

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Street Sneakers

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I absolutely love the athleisure look - it makes me feel sporty when in reality, the most exercise I'm getting is on a walk around the mall. Just kidding. I workout. Kinda.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite street sneakers from the season. The other day we had 50 degree weather in February. The following day it went back to chilling temperatures and freezing rain. Fabulous. Once it warms up for good, this shoe style is going to be glued to my feet.

Check out my favorites, after the jump.

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Groundhog's Day

Thursday, February 2, 2017
2/2/17: the groundhog saw his shadow - more winter coming our way!

Today is Groundhog's day in America. I teach English language learners (ELL) and trying to explain this "holiday" is a tricky one. Students are confused on why we "communicate" with a groundhog. It's one of those silly days that I don't bring up unless one of the students ask about it...rather not even go there.

Groundhog's Day the movie, features Bill Murray who plays an arrogant weatherman. He is on location in Punxsutawney covering the Groundhog Day event and finds himself in a time loop - repeating the same day over and over again. After going through a rough patch, he begins to re-examine his life and priorities. The idea is basically what would you do different if you could get a "re-do".

I've never actually seen the entire film, only bits and pieces.  But it got me thinking about my recent outfits that I've been wearing on REPEAT. I find myself reaching for these items, OVER AND OVER again - much like Bill Murray experiencing life, repeatedly, in the movie. 

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That's Hideous

Monday, January 30, 2017
Pictured: Lindsay Albanese, "Style Expert"

I recently watched a YouTube video by a user named, Lindsay Albanese. She is considered a "style expert" who also blogs about all things fashion. I love her - you can check our her site here. In a recent video she talked about "not dressing for your body type" and how, as women (or men!), we should not always focus on what makes us look good - but rather what makes us feel good.

But isn't the result usually hideous?

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