Tailored Blazers Require Human Interaction

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Blazers are a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be used in a variety of settings - from the workplace to going out at night. A proper tailored blazer is a great addition to any wardrobe. When not in the workplace, this tailored piece can be paired with destroyed denim to provide the perfect amount of juxtaposition that I CRAVE in every outfit.

I will be honest. Tailored blazers are hard to find and I'm always on the lookout. What is "tailored" to my shape, is probably not "tailored" to yours. So as one may guess you might have to get a blazer TAILORED by an actual SEAMSTRESS (or "sartor" - no gender confines on this blog!).

I know, I know - the thought of walking into a place to pay even more money on top of what you spent on the original item is annoying and quite honestly, no one in this generation seems to do it anymore. But seriously, try it out. Ever wonder how the Kardashian's get their asses into their jeans? They aren't buyin' off the rack honey!

Maybe that question is one that I only seem to ponder.

I digress.

The types of blazers you find in stores are usually made with cheap fabrics and wear horribly. They don't lay right and seams are off. My favorite blazer ever is created by the couture brand, Balmain. Balmain blazers range from $1600 to $5600 - not quite teacher budget friendly.

classic Balmain double breasted blazer

Good places to check for alternatives include Zara and J.Crew. Of course, if you're willing to up your price, you can look at ShopBop and Neiman Marcus. Just remember - MATERIAL, MATERIAL, MATERIAL. Don't go cheap on these blazers - the temptation is strong, but try to avoid it :)

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