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Monday, May 15, 2017

I am not much of a baker, both in the literal sense and the makeup art. Beauty editors, bloggers, and gurus all credit 'baking' to keep their concealer from creasing. I wanted to find an actual product that wouldn't crease on its own...I shouldn't have to add more products to look more naked. Not very logical in my mind.

Glossier Stretch Concealer covers under-eye discoloration AND blemishes. Best of all - it looks like SKIN. You don't need to use powder at all and you won't look cakey. No baking necessary!

Glossier has a lot of people on their 'influenster' roster. They are constantly pushing products out to people so they can review and share the positives with the masses. I am not one of these people, although Glossier is more than welcome to contact me ;) LOL

Instead of this post being sponsored, I actually spent my hard earned teacher dollars on this product.

Here's how I apply this product:  (it's not groundbreaking, by any means!)

[I use shade "medium" which is great for my Latina or Mediterranean ladies out there]

1. Clean hands
2. Swirl finger tip in jar (I know unsanitary, but whatever 0.0)
3. Apply where needed (use TAPPING)
4. Apply thin layers at a time (I usually only need one or two)
5. Blend it out and down using a beauty blender - this way it melts seamlessly with the rest of my face

NOTE: I apply my concealer AFTER my foundation/tinted moisturizer

Like saving money? I've put a code below. I get absolutely NOTHING for sharing this code. I literally just googled discount code for the company. This probably gives some other blogger money. C'est la vie  --__--

DISCOUNT CODE: fwNMa (20% off sitewide!)

The return policy is great, if you don't like it - send it back! Let me know your thoughts below! Have it and HATE it? Share that too!


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