I Came. I Saw. I Contoured.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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I am by no means a makeup artist. This is not an official tutorial, nor a sponsored post (although, brands feel free to hit me up!). You will not look like an Instagram model after reading this post.

So why should you keep reading?

I am a regular (indeed, subjective) person that has learned a few tips along the way on how to apply contour to the face. This is how I wear my contour without terrifying people or invoking in them the strong desire to take a sponge and clean my face in public.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to contour like a champ!

I love the look of contoured cheekbones and a slight highlight. My face is a little less than chiseled. I've found - through countless hours spent on YouTube - that there is a way to trick people create the illusion of supermodel bone structure. It all started out as a way to bronze up my face and then evolved into discovering that I could make myself look 5 pounds slimmer by utilizing some basic knowledge about light and shade from elementary art class.*

(*MUAs are legitimate artists this is in no way minimizing their abilities #teachmeyourways)


Here are my MUY IMPORTANTE tips:

1. Use a FLUFFY STIPPLING BRUSH: this has revolutionized my contour -it creates a way nicer finish and allows you to not go overboard right away. It gradually builds product on your face and allows you to mix colors more easily.

[What I Use: MAC #187, Chanel  #7, Sigma #F50]

2. NO SHIMMER, unless of course it is in your highlight: A contour shade should be dark and matte - you do not want it to pick up any light. So put the glitter down and step away.

3. Contour colors should NOT be orange: better yet, no face makeup should be orange (unless you're a pro and use a corrective concealer...but let's not get too fancy here). Make sure that the shade/color you are using is less of a bronzer and more of a grey/ash shade which creates shadow. Colors matter, which is why I like using the Kat Von D palette because those are the best shades I've found for my olive/yellow skin tone.

Products I Love
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I'm always looking to learn more! Do you have any great beauty tips? What are your favorite products? Let me know in the comments below!

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