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Monday, April 17, 2017

I am beyond excited! I just received my first order from Treat Dreams and I know it will NOT be my last.

This post is NOT sponsored. These people literally have no idea who I am!

Keep reading to find out about my experience and what I purchased...

I first stumbled upon this website through Pinterest. You know when you see those super cheeky items and then you go to click the link and you either get nothing (because it's broken) or you get a sketchy website located somewhere in Asia (#nobodygottimeforshipping).

This was DIFFERENT! It really worked!

I clicked the picture and it brought me to the best website ever.

Cue: Treat Dreams

It must have been fate because when I popped open that website and headed towards the shop link - I was confronted with huge text that read "SALE ITEMS!".  I mean, have you ever read any words more beautiful?

This website is for both dogs and their loving humans. It is no secret that I am obsessed in love with my dog, Basil. He is as cute as he is a pain in the butt. I mean just look at him!

(he's a little bigger now)

*insert heart emoji eyes*

With each sale, Treat Dreams donates 10% to a local rescue shelter. My pup is a rescue dog (adopt don't shop, people!) so it made this donation even more personal.

I purchased two items. Never have I ever worn an item of clothing which speaks more about who I am as a person. Seriously.

"Dogs, Coffee, and Netflix" Sweatshirt

"Dogs, Donuts, and Sweatpants" T-Shirt

If you are a dog lover (or know one) check out the site!

Now if only my dog could read...

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