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Monday, January 30, 2017
Pictured: Lindsay Albanese, "Style Expert"

I recently watched a YouTube video by a user named, Lindsay Albanese. She is considered a "style expert" who also blogs about all things fashion. I love her - you can check our her site here. In a recent video she talked about "not dressing for your body type" and how, as women (or men!), we should not always focus on what makes us look good - but rather what makes us feel good.

But isn't the result usually hideous?

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"How" something looks is subjective. It is your personal taste - key word, personal.

Albanese is pictured above wearing one of her "anti-body-type" outfits. 
I happen to think it is an AMAZING look!

Are there fashion standards that we have been conditioned to follow? Yes. For instance, we are always searching for items that make "this look bigger" and "that look smaller". Albanese begs viewers to STOP! While I'd like to agree with homegirl on this concept (and I do agree with her for the most part), I'd also like to include an asterisk (*).

*Yes, go with what you feel good in...wear what speaks to you and puts you in a good, positive, and confident mood. HOWEVER, please be mindful of where and when you are wearing said outfit. More importantly, keep in mind the audience and people you will come in contact with while wearing said outfit. I'm not saying you have to "care what people think". All I'm saying is be mindful...strangers' thoughts and opinions should not dictate your outlook on life - but the idea of being in public should dictate whether or not your (insert body part here) is hanging out.

Just sayin' ;)

Congrats and thank you if you made it this far in my post.

You may be wondering, what does that spiel have to do with the title of the blog post?

Well, I recently purchased a pair of shoes that the majority of people would deem "hideous".  The more and more I looked at them, the more and more I began to love them for their hideous attributes. They mix materials that go against the typical standards of fashion. They challenge your idea of "attractiveness". Who knew shoes could spur an existentialist conversation? #deep

So now I encourage you to ask yourself...

what is life?
'Princetown' Shearling Mule Loafer

I have compiled a list of my top loafers and these did NOT make the list. I just bought them, so I can't vouch for them as of yet. But, their sister shoe (the one without the fur) definitely made an appearance. Check back on Thursday for that post!

What are your thoughts on my ugly shoes? What about the idea to STOP dressing for your body type? Share them in the comments below!

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