Parka Show Down

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Warm coats are a necessity in Chicago. Right now it is FREEZING...literally below thirty-two degrees. It is past the point of no return. No longer can we throw leather jacket upon our sweater-donned shoulders and simply cross our fingers, hoping a limb won't fall off. You can't fight it anymore. Winter is here. Actually, winter has BEEN here - what am I saying? Two weeks before Christmas and temperatures were below zero. Oh and that wind chill? Fuggedaboutit.

With this tundra-like weather it is important to have a super warm coat. While I have many coats (coats and boots are kinda my thing), I reach for two repeatedly throughout the season. One has a high price tag and the other is much lower. Which one do I think is better?!

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*EDIT: at the end of my post I share where to DONATE those gently used coats that didn't make the cut in your New Year's closet clean-out

The two parkas that I reach for repeatedly throughout the season are:

1. Canada Goose Expedition Down Parka ($1000)
2. North Face Arctic Down Parka ($300)

I get many people asking me questions about my Canada Goose parka. Everyone's main question is usually: is it worth it?

My answer almost always is YES.

But notice that word "almost" in my sentence? I'll be the first to say while I adore and love my Canada Goose coat, it is a luxury item. With a price tag of ONE GRAND, this parka ain't cheap. This parka is warm, comfortable and durable. Not to mention it looks FABULOUS.

Are there similar coats for a much lower price point? YES.

This brings me to my second favorite coat for the season: the North Face Arctic Down parka. This coat keeps me warm and has weathered many outdoor recesses as a teacher. If you are looking for a warm parka that is just as great as the Canada Goose, you should check it out. This coat is a bit longer than the Canada Goose which I like because it keeps your legs warm which allows you to rock those Lululemon leggings all year round :)

I'll save the tech specs for those more avid readers. Feel free to click the links below the picture to be directed to each website...enjoy!

Which one would you choose? Have other suggestions? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

EDIT: Winter is brutal in Chicago and there are many individuals that do not have adequate gear to brave this weather. If you have a gently used coat or one that you bought as a gift during the holidays, but no longer need - please donate them! Whenever I go through a closet clean out or start purging my wardrobe, I always donate my clothing items. For coats I use the group ONE WARM COAT. If you are unable to send actual coats, you can donate funds... $1 = 2 coats!

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