Pajamas in School

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who wouldn't want to wear pajama pants to work? Nothing says "I'm trying my best...but it's Monday" like romping around in silk. Winter weight gainers have no fear, these billowy bottoms will hide all of your recent transgressions.

These pants may be cute, on trend, and comfortable but are they appropriate for the classroom?

My answer: YES!

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This does not mean you should find a matching silk top and roll into the building wearing your finest silk bed sheet (TOGA!). As with all outfits, it is all about balance. Regardless of body shape or type - balance is key. If you are wearing oversized bottoms, pair them with a fitted or structured top. If you are going sleeveless and "revealing" on top - pick a more modest bottom.

For example: I've paired my pants with a basic t-shirt and Free People jean jacket. I've also paired it with a white button up, while it wasn't very fitting - the structure and material created a nice juxtaposition. Another idea to bring these pants into the classroom is to pair them with a blazer; just throw a high-neck tank or cami (no cleavage allowed in this profession) underneath.

Now that we have figured out the bottom and top we need to focus on shoes. Shoes can make or break the entire outfit. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes, so spend money on quality items that you know you are going to wear. If you need a pair of shoes just to wear with one outfit (that you may not wear all the time) save your dollars.

With this trend my favorite two styles are loafers (like the Gucci Princetown pair - pictured below) or a sleek pointed toe pump. The loafer is essential for ladies on their feet all day, aka teachers. While, the pump is for those that may spend less time running around avoiding chicken nugget vom (the story never gets old, read it here). Keep in mind, the pointed toe is important because it sticks out beyond the pants and created a smooth, elongated look - rounded toe pumps won't look nearly as good. Trust me.

Silk pants are in almost every store these days, so you don't have to spend a fortune. I pulled a few styles and prints that I thought were adorable. I couldn't find my exact pairs online (they are sold out from Nordstrom) so I found some comparable. I like to stick to neutrals, or if I'm feeling frisky, I'll turn to a bold print surrounded by mostly black. My soul can't hide.

What are your thoughts on bringing this trend into the workplace? What about the classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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