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Monday, January 16, 2017

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I finally got glasses! Did I need them? Eh - kind of. Long story short, the eye doctor said that it's possible to live without glasses as my eyes would continue to compensate and work together as they have been all these years OR I could see clearer with a slight prescription. Who am I to turn down the opportunity for an additional accessory?!

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As a child I used to "wear" glasses. I put the term wear in between quotation marks because as soon as I would get dropped off at elementary school the glasses would go into my backpack. I distinctly remember my teacher asking me to put on my glasses daily...that poor teacher. If she didn't already have enough on her plate (now that I know what it's like to be a teacher) she had to harass a kid (not even her OWN child, mind you) to put on their damn glasses. What a pain. 

Anyways...even after NOT wearing said glasses, my sight magically "improved" and I no longer needed glasses. I began to question all medical reasoning at this time. I probably planned on researching this phenomenon as a fourth grader, but per usual got distracted by an AIM message. 

As I entered high school and then college, every year the ophthalmological visit would be the same: "everything looks great, you don't need glasses", the doctor congratulated me. While I was happy to have a clean bill of health, those fiesty models teased me from the ads in the windows displaying multiple pairs of glasses. 

Now the time has finally come. I have been given a real prescription!

So moving on to the good stuff...which pair of glasses did I choose?
A fabulous pair of Burberry ones, complete with the classic canvas check pattern at the temples. I absolutely adore them and think they are the cutest. Even though I ordered a pair of frames and lenses, I did not order contacts because I do not need any type of vision correction to function. I can read and drive just fine - however, if I want everything to be clearer (mostly while teaching) I can pop these babies on. 

Fun Fact: glasses wearers are less likely to get pink-eye from their students. *

Do you own corrective eyewear? Do you prefer glasses or contact? Am I completely insane for wanting eyeglasses? Share your thoughts below!

* I totally made that fact up but it makes sense doesn't it??

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