Birthday Bag Reveal

Monday, January 23, 2017

Good morning and long time no talk, friends! It has been a long, busy, and fun week and weekend. Seriously, every single day was a new celebratory activity...BECAUSE Thursday was my birthday! I turned a whopping twenty-six years old. I honestly feel like I just turned 21, so I'm not quite sure what kind of cruel trick 'time' is playing on me but whatever.

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Not to sound too generic, but I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by good people. I was able to celebrate (more than enough!) with my closest friends and family.  I am extremely lucky to have each of these people in my life.  Thank you not only to those that celebrated with me, but also those that took time out of their day to send me birthday wishes. Even if you were browsing Facebook on your commute to work and decided to write me a post - you still matter!

While birthdays to me are mostly about the memories you create and the time you spend with those around you, I still enjoy the gift aspect. I can't lie. I received quite a few gifts for my birthday (just a statement, not bragging) and while I'm not going to get into all of those wonderful bits and bobs (because its nunyabiznis), I did want to quickly reveal a new bag that I added to my collection. I'm addicted.

#SOS #cryforhelp

in Monogram Canvas

$1700 USD
- 9.8L x 7.5W x 3.5H
- exterior zipped pocket
- three interior compartments
- adjustable/removable cross-body strap

Once I start actually using this bag I plan on writing a review. I don't have anything quite like this (shape, style) in my collection, so I wonder how much I'll use it and if I find myself reaching for this as much as I envisioned. I have seen this bag styled on a few people and it seems to be very versatile - you can dress it up or dress it down. I already have a unique idea of how I'll be wearing and styling mine. I'll be sure to include those details in my future post...

Stay tuned for my review!

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