Winter Boots That Don't Suck

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The time has come. No longer will "cute" boots cut it in this weather. In Chicago we've been hit with a good amount of snow. Now comes the frigid and unbearable weather. Boots are an important staple here in the Midwest and if you don't live somewhere that gets super cold, you may not be interested in this post - but hey, can't please everyone! #amiright?!

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For those of you that stuck around after the jump you are in for a real treat. I present to you my favorite TRIED and TESTED winter boots that don't sacrifice style for function. It's true - you can have both!

1. STUART WEITZMAN Bearwear Boot: I have not seen a 'chicer' winter boot in all my years. The boot is water-resistant AND will keep you warm. Don't worry - the fur is faux so don't worry about it getting wet.

2. SOREL 'Joan of Arctic' Boot: My personal favorite - I have worn these in NEGATIVE degree weather with NO SOCKS y'all. Not lying. While these are bulky, they definitely get the job done. I swear by these boots. The ones I have are no longer available - they are light tan with red bottoms (#holla) and a red shoelace. I am a fan of the black and gray pair - check out the different options at various online retailers.

3. HUNTER Original High Gloss Boot:  These are a great multi-seasonal pair of boots. Hunter has coordinating fleece socks that come in a variety of designs that give you that needed warmth in the winter. Tip: make sure you buy the GLOSS style, the original matte finish does something called "clouding", basically your boots will look like you played in a salt mine all day everyday - google it!

4. TIMBERLAND Fold Down Boot: I love this twist on the classic Timberland boot. Timberlands are classic and have recently made their way back into mainstream fashion - much like the Adidas Superstar sneakers. I like to pair this resilient boot with a chunky knit sock that peeks out of the boot. The fold down pair provides a different look while still maintaining that boot structure and safety - hello LUG sole!

5. SOREL Slimpack Riding Boot: I am a sucker for ANY riding boot. I love the way they look with all different outfits, as there are so many to choose from. I also think they are slimming. Yes - I said SLIMMING. Usually I have to forgo my cute leather riding boots because their traction is total sh*t. I'm slippin' and slidin' all over the place! These Sorels have allowed me to get my riding boot 'fix' while still staying safe and warm. That combination makes me one happy little snowflake.

6. TOMS Summit Waterproof Boot: Who knew TOMS made boots?! While I am not a fan of their original shoe design (those ugly little slipper things), these babies are way different. The Summit boot has faux-shearling inside so your feet stay warm. It's like a hardcore UGG. Can UGGs be hardcore? I digress. I love the lacing detail with d-rings, it feels almost like lacing up a pair of ice skates. Bonus: the company is still donating a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase.

What type of boots do you turn to in the winter? Function over fashion?  

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