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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Good morning friends! I am currently attending a two-day conference on raising student achievement. Recently, I've let the "real world" take over my life. I've taken on many more building leadership responsibilities at my school as the year has progressed and I've also taken up another job in the fashion world! Also, my Teachers Pay Teachers store (check it out here) has been taking off and I've been putting more and more products up on the site. All of these exciting changes have motivated me to step-up my game to produce phenomenal content both online and in real life (or during my "day job" as I like to call it).

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All of these new changes have led to my schedule deviation. I'm going to be changing around my posting schedule. I absolutely love blogging and I want to make sure that my content is fun, informational, and thorough. While I might be a "blogger", I'm a teacher first. This means I'm all about the content. Previously I was posting three times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instead, I'm only going to post twice a week. My new posting days will be MONDAY and THURSDAY! Don't miss out :)

What are your thoughts on the change? Do you prefer certain days? Let me know in the comments below.

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