Classroom "Gallery" Door

Monday, December 12, 2016

I've been inspired by the Pinterest Gods to attempt a look that one may only dream about in her home decor journey - THE GALLERY WALL. If you don't know what that is, hop on Pinterest or Instagram and check it out. Beautiful spaces filled with artwork that flow with a certain aesthetic...ahh be still my heart.

I am not a home owner nor do I feel like decorating my current living space. I spend most of my time at work, as many of you can relate, so I would rather liven up that area.  As a teacher, I'm lucky because I have a large amount of space when it comes to classroom decor as well as autonomy. Many things can be viewed through the mindset of "bettering" the child whether or not it is explicitly teaching anything - i.e. anchor charts or educational posters.

This school year I've worked on reframing my mind (and my students' minds) in a positive way. I'm looking at things as 'half full' instead of focusing on why my glass of wine is half empty (haha!). No easy feat by any means. It is an active rewiring of your brain and mine is still under construction.

In addition to the multiple anchor charts and vocabulary words covering my classroom walls, I've spent a lot of time accumulating positive quotes to place around the room. My students also happen to LOVE quotes. I blame Instagram (#inspo) - but I'm not complaining.

With all of this knowledge, I'd like to unveil my "GALLERY" DOOR. It is still a work in progress as the goal is to fill the entire space, but it is looking amazing so far. This post isn't meant to brag but rather inspire (get over it!)...

actual photo of my door - I've blurred out my last name ;)

close up on some of the quotes I for some major inspo!

Even if you work in an office, take some time (not at work) to find quotes that you love, enjoy, and are motivated by - then send them to Walgreens. I printed them out at Walgreens and they were ready within a few hours. There are always photo sales happening so don't pay full price. A simple search will unlock multiple promo codes resulting in prints around 50% off. I recently printed 35 - 4x6 photos for about $5. Cheap and cheerful! You can hang these quotes up in your cubicle, on a cork board, or frame them for your desk.

It's an easy way to stay motivated throughout the work week!

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