A Class with Style: Over the Knee Boots

Friday, December 9, 2016

Ladies, it is definitely possible to wear these boots in the workplace (aka classroom) without looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I promise you. It is all about picking the right pair. Thigh high boots are usually synonymous with some NSFW material. However, I'm here to change that immediate assumption.

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In order to pick the right pair, you should consider the following things:

1. heel height
2. material
3. the rest of your outfit aka color

My preferences:

Heel height: For the workplace I would stick to a chunky or block heel. This not only lessens your risk of looking like Julia Roberts, but it also more conducive to moving around (especially in the classroom). If you are used to wearing heels at work and want to rock that stiletto keep your color palette dark to streamline the look. I encourage you to try out some of the flat pairs - Stuart Weitzman has an amazing (albeit pricey) pair.

Material: Suede. Suede gives the boots a softer look which I think is key while at work. I'll admit, I have a pair of leather thigh highs that I have no problem rocking on my own time - pair those babies with an oversized super casual sweater and I feel SUPER cool. At work? Not so much.

Color: My two favorite palettes are blacks, grays, and camel browns. As with anything you should pair your shoes with colors that fit the outfit. When in doubt, pair black bottoms with black boots. I would go as far as saying that wearing black OTK boots with black bottoms (dare I say the word 'legging') is no different than wearing tights and your typical stiletto heels to the office.

As with all fashion, it is about how you wear an article of clothing. It is about your attitude and vibe. I know this all sounds very abstract but it goes back to the old adage - "you can't buy class". Regardless of how expensive your boots are, if you look like a ho, then you look like a ho it doesn't necessarily mean you'll look good...in or out of work.

Try to spice up your winter work wardrobe with some of these boots. I've collected a few of my favorites at all different price points. Check them out below:

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over the knee thigh high

Could you see OTK boots working for you? How would you style these specific for your workplace? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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