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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do you ever see someone walking down the street and you think to yourself, "damn - that's an awesome outfit"? More often than not, I'm sure my awe inspired gaze is confused with straight up RBF (urban dictionary that). Chicago is a very diverse city that has some great street style. While it is not Paris or Milan - we hold our own out here in the midwest. 

Street style is what I LIVE FOR people. The Sartorialist (linked here) is a well-known fashion blog which showcases amazing looks that appear on the streets of fashion capitols around the world. There is no item information, no price listings - just people being people and dressing to express themselves or, in some cases, make a statement.  

On the site I'm going to begin to showcase street style (either with regular people or celebrities - they are people too!) and help YOU (more like me) recreate the look. Will the pieces be exact? Absolutely not - I'm not a mind reader nor made of millions. However, I'll try my best to keep it similar :) 

Kendall Jenner
(hate all you want - this outfit is amazing)


1. cape/poncho: Halogen Cowl Neck Poncho ($68)
2. leather leggings: High Rise Liquid Leggings ($10 sale!)
3. heeled ankle boots:  HM Heeled Ankle Boots ($50)
4. micro leather bag: Tory Burch Leather Micro Satchel ($295)
5. aviator sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Classic Aviators ($15)

Would you rock this outfit?

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