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Friday, November 11, 2016

I was inspired by Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere to share with you a few links that I love. Emily is a fabulous blogger and clothing designer (you can check out her line exclusively at Nordstrom). Routinely on her site, she collects links to other blogs, articles, or items that she has been loving recently.

I love the idea of sharing the work of others and giving readers a chance to explore the world outside of Education Chic. Can a website be an entity? What is life? Is the earth just an illusion? Deep stuff.

Just kidding.

I encourage everyone to check out some of the links below. So relax, browse around and know that I don't make a single dime from any of these clicks. Seriously. These are just links to things that I've been loving this past week.

By the way - Lululemon, I'm still waiting on that sponsorship...#whereyouat

1. Shameless self promotion of my teachers pay teachers store :) All my teachers out there reading this, go check out my store for common core aligned activities and worksheets. I'm debating whether or not to do a blog post about we shall see. In the meantime, go be nosey and check out my work - even if you aren't a teacher!

2. Cult favorite beauty dupes :) Why spend tons of money when you can get a similar product for a lot less. I'm all about quality people, but I will say, especially when it comes to beauty products, there are a lot of items out there that have the SAME ingredients...they just get slapped with a huge brand name and an equally huge price tag. Sometimes (and you didn't hear this from me) they even come from the same mother company. It's nuts!

3. I love to read about ACTUAL beauty products that beautiful people use. I have found that these articles are one of the few that don't take advantage of product placement. These are the beauty products that I truly believe the subjects use (I'm not a mind reader so they really could be fooling us all). I get annoyed when reading an article in Glamour or Allure and an actress is talking about how she uses ALL one brand of products and you just know she is lying...c'mon Jen Aniston, we all know you're not rocking a wrinkle-free face using ONLY Aveeno products ;)

4. Nordstrom has their holiday decor items out. Everything is amazing. I love everything Nordstrom and their new home decor lines are no exception. I think the main reason why I love their selections so much is because it's a "one stop shop". It's like a little Restoration Hardware, a little Pottery Barn, and a whole lot of Pinterest all in one place. Also, at Nordstrom Home, Diptyque Candles came out with their limited edition holiday scents. They are pricey. They are worth it. All your money will disappear - but hey, at least it will smell good. You have been warned.

Have a link to something you think I should check out? Leave it in the comments section below :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Cool picks for your links! I'll definitely be checking out the Nordstrom Decor :) I'm already Holiday crazy! lol


    1. Thank you Pau! I love that Nordstrom has begun carrying some home decor in their stores. It is about time :) Enjoy the holidays and thank you for checking out the site love!