Golden Apple Award

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You guys! I was nominated for a Golden Apple Award :)

For real.

For real, for real.

I can't believe it! While this is only a nomination, I still feel honored that I was even considered. This normally isn't the type of blog post I'd write but I'm just too excited and let's be honest I want EVERYONE to know about this amazing feat.

And, I mean, if I don't post about it - did it even happen?!

The Golden Apple Awards were started in 1986 by the founder who felt that teachers did not receive adequate recognition for their contributions to society as an educator (#amen). Each year only ten teachers are chosen statewide. The recipients are given some pretty amazing things - the most exciting of these is a PAID sabbatical to study at Northwestern University. You also get $5,000 cash and celebrated on television at an actual awards show - but I'm in it for the learning!

I am humbled by this nomination. It is not often that teachers are validated or thanked for their service. It's just a little reminder that you [the teacher] are making a difference even on the days when someone voms on you (true story - read it here).

Our students are learning and growing in ways that sometimes are not reflected on standardized tests. My students face a lot of challenges daily. Because of this, I don't go to work to teach content. I teach the child. I could go on and on about my teaching philosophy but, for all of you non-teachers out there, I'd rather not bore you. You're welcome.

The award winners will not be chosen until February of next year. I'll keep everyone updated about my status - don't you worry.  A girl can dream right?!

On Friday, we will return to our regularly scheduled (blog) programming...

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  1. Maria, what a great achievement to be nominated for a Golden Apple! Even as a young girl you were studious but now you stand out to your peers as someone dedicated to making positive contributions to education and the lives of your students. Well-deserved!