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Monday, November 14, 2016

How beautiful are those pictures above? Could they be any more Pinterest worthy?! Those are real - and my friend made them! I recently placed an order for two quote cards to be custom made and mailed out.  I ordered them through a project called "Because I Wanted To Say". This project was started by my friend (fellow U of I graduate AND teacher!). The initiative is amazing and NO this is not a sponsored post. I truly believe in what she is doing and I was the one to ask HER if I could feature her products on my site.

Because I Wanted To Say was started because Alyssa wanted to spread her love for art and positively influence others. Alyssa is an amazing artist that loves inspirational quotes and is aware of how they can spark something within each of us.

The art part is easy as she is very talented. The influence part, however, is where YOU come are the sender!

Alyssa creates a one-of-a-kind watercolor painting of a quote (custom or previously posted online) and will send it to the person of your choice. In their mailbox, they will find an envelope filled with the quote painting and a note that will explain what the project is and why they're receiving the card in the mail. You can even send the artwork it anonymously. The recipient (best friend, family member, coworker, etc) will know that someone is thinking of them and this small gesture will go a long way!

There is a small fee involved, this just covers materials, supplies, and postage. She is not trying to make a profit and she makes that EXTREMELY clear.

How small is small you may ask: it only costs $5 per card.

You can order your own by going to her Facebook page: Because I Wanted to Say - let her know I sent you ;)

I am BEYOND happy with my two cards. I had Alyssa send them directly to me so that I could photograph them to add to the blog. Now that I've documented the beauty (I'll post a picture below), I can send out the inspiration and share the love with someone that needs it most.

(these are mine that will be sent out soon!)

Alyssa - Thank you for dedicating your time and sharing your passion with others in a positive way. Our world needs it now more than ever. Also, thank you for allowing me write a post about your beautiful cards and even more beautiful project!

Do you have any quotes that really speak to you? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Although texting is fast replacing handwritten notes, a personal note is a gift that can be re-read and cherished over and over. I'm always On the lookout for these. Great to have on hand.