Wishful Wednesday: Boot Edit

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Do you ever think about all of the things you could buy with an unlimited amount of funds?

Usually my day dream revolves around school supplies (#teacherlife) or fashion items. If you think about it, add food into that equation and what else is there in life?!

Ponder that for a moment.

While I plan on making multiple posts about boots and booties during the colder seasons, I can't help but notice the most beautiful ones are quite expensive. I've mentioned it before, and I know I sound like a broken record but - some items are worth the investment. I believe boots are one of them. Let's go further and say that basically all leather goods are worth investing in, because when you pair leather with good craftsmanship, you have an item that will last forever (or damn near close!).  If you want to get scientific take a look at the clothing items that can be found in our national museums...leather hides - all handmade (aka fabulous craftsmanship). Hermés employees HAND CRAFT each and every bag. They only work on ONE bag the entire production process, there is no factory line or large machine output. It's very personal. Someone buy me one.

More on Hermés later...for now let's get back to the booties (the shoes, not the body parts you weirdos).

S p l u r g e

S t e a l

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  1. These boots are gorgeous and I agree that some things are worth the investment. They last and always look so good!