Weekend Uniform

Friday, October 14, 2016

When I find an outfit that works - both for my body and personal style - I tend to put it on repeat. Sure, I might change a few pieces and shades (by now you know I'm not a color girl) here and there, but some looks are just that good.

I think it is important to find your personal style. Figure out what looks good on you and what you makes you feel good. Don't adhere to trends just because Beyonce wore it...although that is pretty feasible reasoning. Not all trends or even styles must (or should) be followed.

There are many people in the fashion industry that push the minimalistic movement and develop capsule wardrobes (#goals) based on only a few garments. These individuals look at the pieces they wear often and purchase high quality items that last throughout constant use. Although I'd like to get to this level someday, I still find it hard to pass up those pieces you find that are labeled with a great price...even if the piece might sit in my closet. I'm not proud of those moments where the amazing discount clouds my thought process. However, I'd like to think these decisions make me into a better person - as someone important once said, "failure becomes success if we learn from it".

As the temperature begins to cool, I've developed a bit of a weekend uniform. This outfit can be worn day or night. I pair the best leggings you will ever own (read the post here) with a comfortable tee. I like to go for shades of gray, black or white. If I'm feeling extra cheeky I might mix some stripes into that rotation. My shoe choices vary - but recently I've been enjoying my Superstars (they are so comfortable!). The most infamous piece of this look is the leather jacket. I'm a huge fan of leather jackets (vegan leathers work too for my animal lovers). I prefer motorcycle styles as they add a bit of edge. Jackets are crucial here in Chicago when the weather can change hourly. We get basically three good weeks to wear "light" jackets here before I'm lugging my Canada Goose parka (thanks Dean!) out of storage. So you best believe I'm taking advantage!

check out the links to each item below...

1. Zara Leather Jacket ($189) // 2. Helmut Lang T-Shirt ($70 - on sale!)

What does your uniform look like? 
Share the details in the comments!


  1. Your weekend uniform is so chic and totally my style! I've been hearing a lot about capsule wardrobes lately and I so adore the idea and thought of it...but how the style choices I make change daily so i'm not sure I could commit to one wardrobe like that although I so admire the ladies that can!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

    1. Thank you, Manda! So much admiration going out to those ladies. I'm thinking the best I could do would be a capsule wardrobe per season. I just can't commit! ;)

  2. love it with the adidas shoes!

    1. Thank you Kate! The shoes are SO comfortable. They are way better than my Superga ones that I've been rocking for a while. Welcoming the change :)