Is Juicy Couture Making a Comeback?

Monday, October 10, 2016

This is the stuff of dreams people! The Juicy tracksuit is by far one of my most coveted novelty looks from childhood. Back in the day, I would pair a matching top and bottom with a pair of Uggs and was golden. I don't remember exactly why the tracksuit faded out...perhaps it was the sequins, or the giant logo, or possibly the cheesy lamé lettering? Doubtful.

I think we can all agree that 90's fashion and makeup trends (go away dark lip liner) are having a moment. However, slowly and creepily, 2000's classics are returning.

In middle school Juicy Couture was HUGE! I had Juicy everything - albeit colored black - I was still a walking billboard for the brand. Regularly, I'd go to Neiman Marcus and see what new arrivals appeared on the racks. I honestly chuckle thinking about these hideous accessories (see below) sitting cheekily across shelf from the classic styles of Gucci and Prada.

I actually owned this purse in black with silver hardware.

Bloomingdale's recently paired with the brand and began a campaign #TRACKISBACK (caps and all!) in an effort to bring back the tracksuit. At Paris fashion week notable fashion house Vetements was also seen bringing the outdated label back into play. All of this attention is sure to trickle it's way down to us everyday people on the street.

While I am extremely excited about this new development in lazy girl style, I am also super bummed that I donated all of my Juicy Couture clothing to the Goodwill years ago. Wonder if anything is still lurking around those aisles!

Do you think the tracksuit will actually make a comeback? If so, will you wear the goods? Also, I'd love to see your favorite pieces from when Juicy was 'cool' - post them below!

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