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Friday, October 21, 2016

It is no secret to anyone (especially my Facebook friends) that I love my dog. I mean it is pretty understandable, who wouldn't love a furry little animal that curls up into a donut shape and lightly snores while sleeping. Seriously. He is adorable. I might be biased - but I'll insert a picture as proof (just in case, ya know?)...

During the summer months Chicago is a pretty "dog-friendly" city. Almost every restaurant has outdoor seating and many places even bring your little companion some water or a treat to enjoy. While there are some bars that allow dogs INSIDE, I'm not a fan of bringing my little guy into a dark, sticky, and loud establishment. I have done it once when Basil was just a pup, probably about four months old. He was up to date on all of his shots and was easy to hold on my lap. His size has increased significantly so the days of carrying him around on my lap are, unfortunately, long gone.

As the weather starts to cool off and my weekends become cozier and cozier, most of this time is spent with my four-legged friend. I'm always looking for lounge-around clothing even though two pairs of sweatpants is probably enough (NEVER!). Or, what better way to make new friends (or warn them that you are a crazy person) than to wear clothing depicting your "crazy dog mom" status?! Some of the online brands even donate part of the proceeds to rescue organizations which is pretty sweet. My guy was from a local rescue shelter so I'm a strong believer in the #adoptdontshop movement.

Check out my favorites below...

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