TIEKS: A Short and Sweet Review

Monday, September 26, 2016

Many people have reviewed these shoes. In fact, it was because of blog posts and YouTube videos that I decided to take the plunge and order some for myself (back in the day they may have even been one of Oprah's favorite things #simplertimes).

I recently wrote a post about some of my favorite designer flat steals that are out there (read it here). However, when going for an everyday look, i.e. the classroom or office, I wanted a pair that were a little more versatile and a hell of a lot more durable.

When doing a regular search for "comfortable flats" on the internet your results are usually dowdy and do nothing for the leg (personally, I'm more of a boot girl myself). TIEKS dispel all of my worries about wearing ugly flats similar to the ones that plague the hallways in my building, and buildings around the nation (clearly, I take my footwear seriously).

I own 2 pairs of TIEKS and love they way they look. The bottoms are effortlessly chic and the style shows just the right amount of 'toe cleavage' (trust me - that is a thing!) which slims the foot. Besides looking amazing (I mean seriously, check out the bottoms) these shoes are comfortable. They DO NOT bite at my heel - which is my number one complaint in shoes. They DO bother my little toe a little bit. Yes, the cutest of all toes is bothered when these shoes are being worn. However, eventually the pain dissipates - so no harm, no foul ;)

I get numerous compliments every time I wear my TIEKS and they wear extremely well. I've had my first pair for about two years and they look just as good as the day I purchased them...and I wear them A LOT. These flats range in price from $175 - $295 and are carried in MANY colors and textures (the range is insane!). If you were on the fence about purchasing a pair - do it now.

P.S. they have an amazing return policy and great customer service, so there is no pressure to try them out... (return shipping charges are a huge PET PEEVE - not a concern here!)

Are they worth the money? YES. 
Are they teacher approved? YES.
Are they city approved? YES.

Do you own a pair of TIEKS? If so - what are your thoughts? Share them down below...

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