Prep for the Sale

Friday, September 30, 2016

Recently I went into J.Crew with my brother to do a little shopping. I always love scouring the sale room to get some great steals. I usually get super lucky and end up walking out with items that are around 75-80% off the original price (!).

Yesterday, everything in the sales room was an additional 40% off (score!). As a teacher (or student) you get a 15% discount. In the past, this 15% discount was always applied on top of that sale price - creating your ADDITIONAL savings to surpass fifty percent.

Those were the good 'ol days.

That discount no longer applies to sale items. The only time this discount is applicable on top of a reduced price is when items are on "promo" - meaning they are promotional items that are on sale for a short time only. For example, as we hit fall the company might offer 25% off all sweaters. This sale will end after a long weekend and only include limited styles. If this is the case the discount will STILL be applied.

Anything in the sales room (aka my happy place) is off limits.

I don't believe any notification was made regarding these changes - and if there was, let's be honest, I assumed it was spam and it was deleted. See what happens when you assume ;)

While J.Crew may not be honoring the teacher discount on top of their already reduced prices - they still have a great selection of new arrivals. I've rounded up some of my recent favorite pieces below...

(each product is a link)

perfect shirt (navy plaid) $78 // edie top (shirting stripe) $58 // coin purse (italian calf hair) $50 // toggle cape (heather graphite) $198 // toothpick jeans (distressed pamona wash) $125 //  embroidered slippers $495 (LOL!)

Are there other stores you find discounts? Give me the details and share the wealth (or steals!) below...


  1. That really is a shame that, that discount dosen't count on sale items but I love a good J. Crew shopping day. You just can't beat their style!
    Xo, Kelsey

    1. YES! I know Kelsey, they have such a classic look but it never looks too "stuffy". They keep it fresh ;)