Monday Funday

Friday, September 2, 2016

Don't worry, I know the real saying is "Sunday funday"...however Monday is labor day and that means no work, which also means no kids, which also means this lady is FREE.

Just kidding, I love my students...well most of them.

Again - I kid.

As we approach the long weekend, many people take this opportunity to go on one last summer vacation. It's really our last hoorah here in Chicago. From the month of September on, the weather goes downhill - and FAST. Weekend trips are one of my favorite trips to take. With that being said I was on the hunt for a new weekender bag to rein in all of my needs for traveling.

I researched a few brands/models and went to quite a few stores before finally settling on my top picks. Don't worry, nothing in this post is sponsored...I mean lets be real - literally no one reads this blog ;)

Keep reading below to get all the info!

1. Longchamp 'Le Pliage' Expandable Travel Bag ($255)

This one is a bit pricey, but it's durability makes it well worth it. You can find the specs on the Nordstrom website (which is where I purchased it from). This bag is extremely lightweight and can fit a lot of stuff. I will say that the straps aren't the best. I could see this bugging me if I were to bring it around the airport and carry it the entire way through Midway airport (UGH!). However, for small trips where you won't be carrying it for long - it is great. The 'Le Pliage' line is owned by every sorority girl in America and for good reason. These nylon bags can be thrown around and dragged through the grass and still look amazing. Rain falls on it and drips off (should be noted it is not completely waterproof, so do not submerge this thing in Lake Michigan during your next trip to the 'playpen') which makes it a great choice for nationwide traveling.

2. Vera Bradley Large Duffle 2.0 Travel Bag ($85)


At a much lower price point this bag is perfect for travelers of all ages. I'll be honest, I used to not be a fan of Vera Bradley because I thought the prints were outdated and 'grandma'-like (even though my grandma didn't even wear prints like that). Then, I went to the store to actually play around with these bags and fell in love. I look past the (sometimes) cringe-worthy aesthetic in exchange for a solid bag that can hold even heavy loads without killing my shoulders. The bag is not very structured but somehow doesn't lose its shape. I have this bag in two different colors and it has traveled all over the country with me. The exterior does not have the same durability factor as the Longchamp, but it is machine washable so you could always throw it in the machine (I have not tried this yet!). Also, as far as the designs go they vary each season but they also have a line that comes with solid colors (like all black for the souls out there like me).

I hope these choices help you narrow down all the options out there. I'm always interested in seeing what other people carry and what they put IN those bags. Let me know what bags you all use in the comments section below :)

Enjoy the long weekend!

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