Fast Cash Flats

Monday, September 19, 2016

I am a shoe lover. My readers will get to know this very well.  You will also soon learn that I love a great deal, or finding the same look for a less expensive option. I do like to invest in pieces that are classics and ones that I know I will wear a lot. However, when it comes to trendy items I am all about those low-budget finds. Sometimes, I find myself purchasing the cheap find and realizing I love the style so much that I eventually DO invest in that higher quality version. I think it is a great way to test the waters before taking the plunge (I'm teaching idioms - can you tell?!).

I've rounded up some of my recent favorite fancy flats and their cheaper cousins (I'm on fire with these alliterations!). Each item name is clickable so you can follow the direct link and start shopping...







Image result for gilligan flat





After compiling this list I realized that all of the sample pictures I chose were of black colored shoes. Can you tell my preferential palette? These shoes actually come in a variety of colors. Check out the links (shoe names) for more information!

TIP: when buying less expensive shoes (or other items), always go with dark colors :)

Do you always spend a lot of money on your shoes? Have you found any great dupes to designer shoes? Please share in the comments below!


  1. I try to be budget-conscious when I shop but I agree that sometimes the higher quality stuff is worth it to get. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks for the comment Carmen! Higher quality stuff is important if you KNOW you are going to wear the heck out of something :)

  2. Just a great list, and amazing tip re: keeping the colors dark. I always opt for black when I get brandless items of on-trend pieces!

    xo Jen |