An Ode to Baby Wipes

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I recently posted about some essential items that teachers (and office-dwellers) should keep in their classrooms. My mother, of all people, kindly (-ish) reminded me that I FORGOT TO MENTION BABY WIPES. Baby wipes have been a staple in my life from birth (literally). Even the smell of a baby wipes brings back memories of my mom passing me wipe to use at any given point in the day...even as recently as last week!

I am appalled that I would make such an error. To repay the baby wipe community I have written an original ode. Please enjoy ;)


Oh, baby wipes how I love thee,
You are always there to clean me.

Adorned with designs and scent, 
I know this purchase is money well spent.

You're there when I need a quick fix,
Like when I sat on - and melted - my trail mix.

You remain in my purse, room, and car,
You are very handy when at the bar.

My baby wipes come in all sizes and shapes,
They remove anything - even juice from grapes.

I wish I could buy all that I see,
Baby wipes - you complete me.

In all seriousness, baby wipes are the sh*t. They are way better than hand sanitizer. I don't know ANYTHING about the science behind either of those - with hand sanitizer I feel like I'm just spreading the germs around. Not to mention, I always use way to much and end up with liquid gel dripping from my limbs. 

My favorite brand is: Wet Ones - I like the individual packed ones (pictured below) as opposed to travel sizes. This way when you put them in your purse nothing can spill out. I am weary of "resealable" seals...

I can't believe I just wrote a post about baby wipes (an ode to be more specific...who writes odes?!). Has this site already gone downhill? LOL NO - check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more posts!

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  1. Love wet ones they are in ALL of my purses! Kind of a mama essential for me!

    Manda |